Hi!👋🏾 I'm Dylan

I am a stock market investor, mentor, and speaker.

I educate individuals on the ins and outs of the stock market. I have a stock market beginner’s course and a VIP stock group where I am focused on helping members profit in the market from signals and analysis I send.

I also trade Live on zoom with my VIP stock group and members have access to the live trading calls. My course enables you to understand the fundamentals of the stock market and leverage them to earn profit.

It’s very common for an investor to make costly mistakes in the beginning of their investing journey. I have helped numerous individuals limit their mistakes in their investing endeavors and guarantee success. Individuals that have connected with me to begin their investing endeavors started with as little as $20 and are having  tremendous success and getting returns on their investments less than a year into their investing journey.

Success in the market is something very few new investors achieve in their first year investing because of lack of proper guidance and experience. Understanding how the stock market works comes with time and experience. With my Mentorship, a beginner can get a head start and know what to avoid in order to minimize his or her mistakes and chances of making a bad investment.

Since I began investing, I find it astonishing that the majority of millennials aren’t educated on the stock market, a tool which plays a major factor in determining the health of our economy, the world’s economy, and supply & demand for various goods we use daily.

This is why I made the commitment to educate and reach more people outside of my community and social media. Coaching has provided me an outlet to help more individuals than I could have ever imagined. I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of various audiences at college campuses, workshops, and seminars.

It is statistically proven that lack of knowledge is the number one reason the vast majority don’t invest. My goal is to educate and continue to inspire individuals to create generational wealth for their families. Investing can be simple and is very important in order to be financially secure in our economy.

I believe many more individuals can create a significant change to their futures and the future of their families with the information that I will be covering.

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